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About Us

CancerApparelGifts.Com offer an array of eye-catching cancer designs on apparel and gifts with empowering, funny, bold and defiant cancer slogans to inspire, promote and stand up against cancer.  Ideal for cancer awareness month, cancer fundraisers, events and anytime.   We are located in Ohio and can be reached on social media or by using the contact link on this page.  

We are cancer patients, warriors, survivors, mentors and advocates with first-hand experience in the fight against cancer.  This is a personal mission for us at CancerApparelGifts.Com. Our cancer awareness designs stem from each of our individual experiences of the cancer journey, whether it be as a cancer fighter, a cancer survivor, or as a supporter of a close loved one fighting cancer.  We have been selling cancer merchandise since 2007 in  a variety of venues to help call attention to the importance of cancer awareness.  We understand the plight of all those affected by a life-altering cancer and life-altering diseases because we have been there.  

Note:  Our shop is undergoing a transfer from a previous host to our new home here, so please give us time to add all our cancer designs. If you are looking for something specific, please contact us using the form.